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 Heating & Gas Specialists

 Our family  business  prides itself on providing a service that is dependable and work that is finished to a high standard. 
We are  installers of all types of  heating systems & can provide a  much more competitive  quote than you will receive from  British Gas for the same products.

Gas Services

For safety, it is important that gas work is only carried out by people trained to do so. Therefore it is imperative that the job is done correctly and by Gas Safe registered engineers.
JD Lane & Sons are trained, certified and experienced to carry out the installation and maintenance of your new gas boiler or existing gas appliances; we hold one of the earliest gas safe (formerly corgi) registration numbers in the country.

Few people realise (and they are often not informed by boiler installers) that new, efficient gas boilers without modern radiators will not reach their money-saving potential as advertised, let alone heat your home as effectively as it could be. If you have old radiators without TRV's fitted, this will further reduce your heating systems efficiency. 

Aside from having a nice smooth, clean paint finish, good quality,  modern radiators are designed to radiate maximum heat very quickly, from the water circulating within them.
Old radiators can reduce a modern boiler's efficiency dramatically, costing you money, potentially damaging your boiler and preventing your home from being as warm as it should be.An old system can be flushed to reduce the contaminants it contains, but this will not remove them entirely and this of course will not improve an old radiator's inefficient design.

New, modern radiators fitted with Thermostatic Radiator Valves can be installed quickly and relatively cheaply to most homes, so your new boiler will work efficiently, save you money and will not be  harmed by sludge and rust in an old system, therefore extending your boiler's life expectancy and avoiding future breakdowns.

Renewable Energy Systems

We offer environmentally friendly renewable energy systems for your heating and hot water needs. 
We install air to air and air to water heat pumps,solar thermal panels and ground source heat pump systems.
New Gas Boilers

Heat Pumps To Harvest The Sun's Energy

An air source heat pump works in the 'opposite way' to your domestic fridge;taking cooler outside air and compressing it into warmer air, that is then used to heat your home or business.Air source heat pumps have the added advantage of requiring minimal space and lower cost installation compared with other renewable technologies which makes them ideal for both new builds and retro-fit where space is limited.
Ground source systems take advantage of the energy beneath the Earth's surface. Heat pumps extract this energy to provide a reliable, low carbon energy source that is particularly suited for underfloor heating.

Solid Fuel

Solid fuel comes in various forms.
Biomass is a modern term term used to describe fuel derived from material of organic origin. The fuel used in a biomass system generally more sustainable as it doesn't take millions of years to develop like fossil fuel. Biomass systems do of course burn fuel, however they are more environmentally friendly, as the CO2 given off is re-absorbed by the trees planted to provide further fuel.
Wood pellet boilers and some  log stoves, have in recent years  been made to be more energy efficient. Wood stoves and boilers now have long burn times between re fueling, lighting at the touch of a button, remote control operation and programmable settings.
We have been supplying and fitting all kinds of solid fuel appliances for decades, and if you also need chimney work, we provide a fully integrated service for everything required.

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